UIP Tokens Have Been Launched On Global Exchanges

Global Entertainment Copyright Intelligent Exchange

Open The Era Of IP Sharing

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UIP tokens could be obtained from the following exchanges:

What is UIP?

UIP (short for UnlimitedIP ) is a recreational copyright intelligent trading platform created by Link Entertainments Technology based on EOS.

With the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as traceability, distributed ledger, difficult to tamper, as well as hash algorithm, asymmetric encryption and timestamp combined with the EOS operating system to support millions of commercial transactions,low latency and free features. UnlimitedIP is committed to providing global entertainment IP copyright holders with a very low cost of copyright certificate, copyright certification, copyright registration, copyright trading, online rights protection, content incubation and the one-stop entertainment copyright intellectual service.

The Use Of UIP Tokens

UIP Is The Basic Trading Medium Of Entertainment Copyright

When conducting recreational copyright transactions, the seller (i.e.: the IP copyright holder) needs to split the rights and interests of his IP copyright derivative transactions, and the IP interest of each smallest unit is expressed as "IP Unit". The transaction of IP Unit takes UIP Token as the basic transaction medium. After the buyer (i.e.: IP copyright purchaser) pays UIP, the seller converts the IP copyright asset to its unique IP Unit and pays the buyer. The seller and buyer must negotiate the issue of the amount and distribution proportion of IP Unit before the transaction; the IP Unit of each IP copyright is unique to its IP, and can not be used universally.

The Application Value Of UIP Tokens

With the emergence of a large number of IP Units of IP on the copyright trading platform and the increasing demands for IP Unit transactions, the application scenarios and transaction value of UIP will continue to expand. With the increase of the total revenue of the platform copyright trading, it is foreseeable that the market value of UIP will continue to rise.

Distribution Of UIP Tokens

UIP tokens has a total number of 3 billion, with 1.5 billion for sale.

A total number of 1.5 billion UIP tokens will be sold,among these, 450 million tokens are exclusive for BigONE and UIP white list users.The remaining 1.5 billion will be released in the next few years and gradually unlocked on other trading exchanges. 500 million of the rest tokens will be used as the UIP layout recreational ecology community fund, and the remaining 1 billion as the UIP project development fund, which will be indefinitely locked and used for UIP copyright trading ecological construction, media blockchain industry and team expansion.